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become a volunteer at our events

Do you want to experience moped racing right in the middle of it instead of just being there? Then we have something for you. We are looking for volunteers to help our events run smoothly. If you feel like it, write yourself in the table below. For catering before

place will be taken care of. The meeting point is always 30 minutes before the start of the first free practice session according to the time program.



Race Director:

Responsible for the smooth running of the races, time management, start-finish, safety. Preference for people with experience. Meeting point together with OK.


Responsible for the safety of the drivers during the race using flag signals. Eliminate hazards after falls.


Responsible for the correct starting line-up of the drivers before the start of the race. Opening and closing of pre-start according to schedule


Putting up and taking down advertising banners, setting up and dismantling scrutineering and awarding of trophies, support OK. Meeting point together with OK.


Capturing the emotions and races at the event through photos. Make image material available to SAM-Mofacup.


Create a review of the event using onboard, portrait, etc. Capture recordings as well as interviews and emotions of the drivers.

grid girl:

Self-explanatory, alternatively also trophies for drivers.

Become a helper
Desired activities (choose 1 or more)

Thank you for registering as a helper. We will contact you.

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